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Primo Fashions was started long back in 1970 by Mr.Muthuswamy, the founder. A pioneer in the field of garment industry with an experience of more than two decades, he amplified his knowledge-base, working from the bottom-line, right from hand knitting to finishing and garmenting. He manifestly constructed Primo's core competencies and specifically standardized the quality principles, thus Primo prospered under his rightward guidance. His ideas contribute to the contour of the Primo marquee, until today. Executing a strategic and systematic plan of business, we have arrived at a premium position of servicing all orders, irrespective of quantity.

Mr.Paramesh, son and successor of Mr.Muthuswamy, coined the firm as Primo Fashions, in the year 2003. He stalked his father's footsteps, equipping the industry with hi-tech machineries to enhance the production potential. He in addition upgraded the human resources optimizing the production quantity and quality. As a milestone in the development his life partner, Mrs. Prabha Paramesh joined him and aided him in escorting the firm to its epitome.



Primo seeks to surmount the garment industry, with laudable and quality garment products. With a vision to platform a single-root solution forever, we work in accordance with the fast-pacing current fashion and trends of the clothing world.


We manufacture high fashion and trendy garments with utmost care and concern, charging up to the benchmark of excellence.


We differ from others by a long shot, owing to the practice of chief business ethics. Primo has a well equipped testing laboratory, to test the physical and chemical characteristics of the garments.

We follow a very strict and stringent needle policy, rigorously reducing quality defects. We deliver a completely personalized attention for each individual garment being manufactured.

At present the total turnover per annum exceeds one hundred and fifty million rupees, we plan to amplify it as five hundred million rupees per annum.


Our ethical teams of personnel from various sectors aggregately work together for the swift and prompt delivery of the products. Our work environment promotes good communication throughout, among the skilled labors and customers, committing us towards good quality goods always. The time-honored, long-term employees still render their support to Primo Fashions.

It's not the fabric or style of the garment that bounds the business strategy  it's the people.


In 2010, we commenced with a new venture, the Primo Prints. Equipped with AOLTTE – I4M printing table and accompanied with auto dryer facility, Primo Prints enable effective printed fabric manufacture. Our allied concerns, aids us with knitting, dyeing and accompanying facilities. Working with short lead times, our major focus is on the degree of product quality and satisfaction. Besides, we also undertake corporate orders and cater event T-shirts too.

It's not the fabric or style of the garment that bounds the business strategy – it's the people.