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Featuring flair proficiency & efficiency
consociating the entities

We are a vertically integrated unit connecting all the necessary process together. Our strong and comprehensive infrastructure gives us a competitive edge in the market.

Fabric Finishing Processing
Lab Facilities

We convert yarn into cloth with great concern and fine crafting methods, resulting in a varied band with respect to color, texture, weight and/or integrity. We integrate various stages of planning, design and production into one smooth flow.


We delicately dye our fabrics, adding color without spoiling the texture and tenderness of the fabrics. Our dyed fabric is ranked for its color fastness, since we exert control over the key factors such as temperature and time. Also we oblige to environmental concerns.

fabric finishing processing

We minimize fabric shrinkage and maximize the gentleness of the fabric. We fabricate lighter fabrics with special effects, ensuring better comfort. Our quality assurance system relies on trustworthy methods, producing high quality and cost-effective garments.


Our infrastructure furnished with latest technologies, helps us in printing fabrics with numerous designs and patterns. Our products are fine-tuned and resist washing and friction. We ensure equal distribution of the color, restricting the color within the intended limit.


Our embroidery unit combines art, technology and techniques. The process starts with a clean artwork digitizing the sketch for sewing. Prior to packaging, our products are inspected for quality and also the excess backing material, if any, are trimmed off.


Production process is attended with earnest care. The textile is fabricated into finished clothes proposing customer comfort. Right from the scratch, we embody the feel and physical characteristic into the product, facilitating smooth finish.


We have carved a niche, carefully sticking to our upgraded needle detection policy. Our needle detector machines are capable of detecting very minute needle lodgings. We perform double-check out, through the products - once after ironing and once again before shipment


Primo also exerts deep concern in the area of warehousing and logistics, which the customers care a lot about.Our warehousing and logistics module is carefully modeled for quality and on-time delivery.

lab facilities

Primo has excellent Laboratory amenities, facilitating the production of quality garments. Our infrastructure encompasses almost all sophisticated lab equipments to examine all sorts of shortcomings intending high intensity of safety.